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  • Clean and free energy from air!

    Scientists Find a Way to Harvest Clean Energy From Nothing But Air TECH27 May 2023 ByMICHELLE STARR Artist’s impression of an Air-gen device. (Derek Lovley/Ella Maru Studio) Engineers have demonstrated something marvelous. Almost any material can be used to create a device that continuously harvests energy from humid air. It’s not a development that’s ready for […]

  • Healing frequencies

    (1) Facebook Please click and search. Very special, do not know how long it will stay there?  

  • co2 measurements

    esources Shop Subscribe Donate OPINION Climate scientists baffled as to why Antarctica has not warmed in 70 years despite rising CO2 levels Despite consistent rises in carbon dioxide output globally the Antarctic region has recorded no average rise in temperatures in the last 70 years and in 2021 saw its coldest 6-month winter since records […]

  • Two universal principles: implosion and explosion, creation and destruction, organization and chaos – expressed in all phases of  the universe.

    Nature is Implosive – Modern Technology is Explosive | The Secret of Light by Walter Russell Around 1900 with the discovery and introduction of electricity several new geniuses started to develop new technologies and knowledge only to see it getting depressed and hidden. Just to name a few, Tesla, Schumann, Schauberger, Hans Coler, and others. […]

  • Why this industry should be in public hands.

    The energy crisis/free energy principles. This article is more than 1 year old Christine Berry Bulb is just the latest company to go to the wall. It’s time to recognise that the privatisation experiment has failed Fri 3 Dec 2021 08.00 GMT 689 Last week, the energy company Bulb became the latest and largest victim […]

  • Joe Parr and the Pyramid of Giza.

        Prophecy of Hermes | The Anunnaki & Forced Forgetting of the “Sky Beings” – The character Hermes laments the forgetting of a culture, a civilization and all the advanced knowledge and human development that it held. Visit us here and sign up for our free newsletter : “Paul’s New Book: “”The Scars […]

  • An article on the historical Atlantis Energy Grid and it’s cosmic energy know as “Wormwood.”

    Recovered through WayBackMachine Website   The historical Atlantis Energy Grid and it’s cosmic energy know as “Wormwood.” Wormwood is the This Christ Energy is now coming into it’s own after being seeded 2000 years ago. Also a discussion on the three great DNA past experiments and how they apply to Atlantis. The question of DNA […]

  • INTRODUCTION & ALLEGORY: ”The Alien Interventions on Planet Earth”.

    INTRODUCTION & ALLEGORY; ”The Alien Interventions on Planet Earth”. The Allegory of The Alien – Alien Intervention on Earth This is an allegory about the alien intervention on Earth, where the two alien groups that operate with characters living in the terrestrial society masquerading as terrestrial humans were euphemistically called “the Confederates of Nirvana” and “the Consortium of […]

  • Davos 2023

    The Meeting in DAVOS 2023   In promoting ”The Great Reset” in 2020, Schwab said the COVID-19 “pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” (there way.) Must be ,,the right conditions under duress and stress”/ . Straight out of science fiction and the attempts anything but […]

  • The Tesla World?

    The Tesla world, a hidden genius!   Although Tesla attained world-renown fame in his day for his electrical inventions, both unprecedented and prolific, his name has been withheld from all text books. Typically, the Smithsonian Museum refused to recognize him, with its display of Edison’s bust, surrounded by Tesla’s discoveries.  This institution has been bombarded with protests to […]