Urgent: A message of extreme importance today the most crucial period of your planet’s entrance into the space of 5D has started

The Main changes in our galaxy/planets are now underway and can’t be stopped by us as humans. The rearrangement OF our solar system.

I am instructed to give a message of extreme importance today the most crucial period of your planet’s entrance into the space of 5D has started now it’s already impossible to turn back this process because all the heavenly bodies that accompany Earth have entered a stage of their complete transformation and of course the sun and the moon are the main bodies because they influence the processes of life functioning on your planet.



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Greetings our dear earthlings:

Galactic Federation of Light have instructed me to give you a message of the great importance.

Now all the forces of light who are assigned to help earthlings with their shift into a new dimension are summoned for emergency.

The moment of truth is approaching when the threshold for overcoming problems must be determined. In other words the degree of danger for people who are at the brink of survival as a result of natural disasters which become increasingly destructive with every day.

Why is it happening; humanity is too slow in turning its ship which have taken a wrong course leading them to destruction in the preceding decades all the higher forces of the universe have worked to compel you to awaken,

sending you numerous signs and cues and also literal unequivocal information about an Ascension the shift of your planet to another dimension into the new energy space.

There is an unceasing struggle between the forces of light and darkness for your minds and your souls and for your lives your Galactic brothers and sisters have joined in this process crucial for an entire universe trying to help as many people as possible to use this unique chance stopping the wheel of the incarnations and returning them where they originally have come from.

But these efforts strike an impenetrable wall named inertia that tiny part of the best representatives of humanity who have taken upon themselves the mission of bringing the true knowledge to the people are perceived by the majority of the population as Fanatics cult members dreamers in other words people not of this world.

But remember it is precisely such strange and unusual people swimming against the tide who have led Humanity to the new levels of development opening the New Horizons for them postr ly they often have been called Brave genius wise but during their lifetimes they have been ridiculed persecuted and



sometimes even sentenced to death.

So do not repeat this mistake again and again believe those who could Escape boring R uniform life who have overcome the power of inertia and have he the voices of the higher Powers.

Your Galactic family and the misunderstanding and mockery stubbornly persevered to reach the goal planned by their souls and not by The Faceless consumer society that sunk in the vices of Duality.

Overcome your pride and try to hear and understand those who sincerely wishes to help you. To save your souls that are tired to be born again and again in the 3D world where the cruel laws of survival will reign where the world is ruled by the race of reptiloids who have seized the power on Earth and transformed people into their obedient slaves.

There is no time left for pondering your Earth is exhausted from an endless waiting and already unable to keep on herself the burden of 3D World.

The Earth throws it off with all possible means through earthquakes and and floods through tornadoes and hurricanes through tsunamis and Volcanic explosions and only you our dear earthlings could soften this process changing your Consciousness ridding yourselves from negative energies consuming you.

And transforming them into the energies of light and love please change your mind and help us and the higher powers of the universe to save you without your understanding and participation we won’t be able to completely accomplish our mission for saving Humanity which means that the greatest part of humanity won’t be able to ascend with the Earth.

We extend our hands to you and wait for your handshake in return. The Galactic Federation of Light has instructed me to give you the following message about the excitement created by your media about the planet Nibiru approaching.
It has had some real foundation and now I will tell you what has really happened in these last days of this month.

What you call a Nibiru is in reality nothing else but a huge meteorite that has broken off from the unknown planet in another galaxy. It is traveling in our universe for a long time and we keep a constant surveillance over this huge object which size is comparable with the size of a small planet this meteorite represents a real danger for all the planets and civilizations of our galaxy.

The Galactic Federation of Light has decided to address this problem and has created a team of Specialists from different alien civilizations which has developed a system of surveillance and a plan of actions in case the meteor will come too close to one of the planets and will represent a real danger for them.

By doing that we have been able to avoid the meteorites collision with several planets of our galaxy and the last such incident may have happened with your planet I will reveal to you the mechanism of influence on this Heavenly Body.

In general the meaning of the mechanism is that the beam of electrons focused in a certain way is capable to change the trajectory of the flight of an object. this meteorite like a Wandering ship has been wandering through the universe for a long time and only thanks to an unceasing surveillance of our ships from the Galactic Federation of Light it has not caused any harm so far.

We are happy that we have helped the earthlings to avoid a catastrophe in this crucial moment when the shift of your planet to the new higher vibrational space is coming to its ultimate stage and we assure you that in the future we will do everything possible to protect you from any danger coming from the outside.

In the last month quite a few important events have happened in the space around Earth and also in the Galaxy as a whole.

First of all :

it concerns the sun its energetic component has experienced significant changes it has happened due
to the qualitative jump in the sun’s vibrations it is similar to a process when a person who is was shifting to the new level of Spiritual Development goes through a crisis with concurrent high temperatures the same thing is happening with the sun and the sun’s reaction to the higher level of vibrations unfortunately is reflected upon you creating unusually high temperatures and also a sharp fluctuation of temperatures.

The fires that are blasting all over the earth now are also a reflection of an unusual solar activity because the sun is an indelible part of the fire element to help establish a complete balance on your planet.

The second:

The sun will soon come to help him his feminine counterpart that already possesses the necessary assortment of qualities that corresponds with the new vibrations.

The role of the feminine sun will be to decrease the solar activity of its masculine counterpart and by doing that to soften the climate on Earth to the moderate all over the planet.

I will not explain all the details of this process because at this moment you only need to know that
everything develops according to the plan and according to the scenario developed by our creator.

The second change on your planet Planet concerns the moon perhaps many of you have noticed that in recent times the moon behaves quite unusually appearing in different places and in different times this is also explained by her transition which is a necessary element of the entering together with Earth into the new higher vibrational energy space on a subtle plane.

The moon has divided into several moons and gradually the number of the moons will be increased to seven when your Earth enters the 5D with its physical body.

The seven moons will be shining in your skies and it will be a magnificent and beautiful sight all these changes are happening gradually and the Galactic Federation of Light is controlling this.

Crucial for the Galaxy process the main part of the process still happens on a subtle plane and remains unseen for you but some signs of its descend into the physical plane can already be identified by your astronomers and also by the space stations that stay on the orbit now .

I would like to calm and reassure you with this message and also would like to say that everything happens according to the plan and this chord of eclipses that has happened in this month has become a border which will forever separate the 3D world where your Earth is still staying from the new higher vibrational space where slowly but surely she is moving.

Now be assured that we are always near you and are always ready to come to your help.

Now I am instructed to give a message of extreme importance today the most crucial period of your planet’s entrance into the space of 5D has started now it’s already impossible to turn back this process because all the heavenly bodies that accompany Earth have entered a stage of their complete transformation and of course the sun and the moon are the main bodies because they influence the processes of life functioning on your planet.

What’s new happening with the sun the sun now is in the turbulent current of such unbelievable power which is called for to extract from it a second sun its feminine half which will gradually drive out the masculine Sun the one that is becoming too rigid for the Earth of 5D whose climate will change substantially. That new motherly son will provide the Earth with soft even climate very comfortable for its inhabitants.

I know that even now some of you have been able to see a second sun but so far it has been rather Sun’s manifestation on a subtle plane of Earth and you could see it in only some special circumstances but soon it would take its lawful place in your skies.

The same thing pertains to the Moon it is rapidly changes its parameters color shape and place in the skies and perhaps many of you have noticed that sometimes it rises from the Horizon like a sun lightening up a huge space around it and you become astonished by the size of its sphere. That’s how its transformation is happening gradually the moon will loose its functions as a nightly celestial body because on the 5D Earth the border between the night and day will be erased.
Because the day and night also have been the embodiment of The Duality like good and evil light and darkness.
The night has always evoked fear in people has been associated with different superstitions with the coming of the dark Forces and there is some element of Truth in that.
Because just as darkness is the other side of light so is the night is the other side of the day that’s why all the sorcerers rituals and the other dark Affairs have been conducted at night for ages. But because the darkness cannot survive on the new Earth of 5D it simply will be dissolved in the light of the high vibrations of 5D.

Then the night as a physical embodiment of Darkness on Earth with would not be able to exist anymore. Therefore the moon as indelible part of the night has to transform into another body which will be harmoniously matched with the new conditions of life on Earth that’s exactly what will happen very soon and the lunar eclipse on this month will be its beginning. The body of the moon will be reborn and while it will continue to be an artificial satellite of the Earth it will assume completely different functions.

The moon will balance the magnetic field of Earth something that she has been doing before but now coming in resonance with the new parameters of your planet she will become some type of the regulator of energies promoting its equal distribution all over the planet. It will not be expressed on the physical plane instantly and for some time the night will continue to change place with the day but gradually the borders between them will be erased.

I know dear ones that for many of you it sounds like a science fiction but believe me soon it will become a reality and you will be accustomed to it quite fast because the new parameters of the heavenly bodies will be for your good and will bring only Pleasant Sensations into your life.
This message must prepare you for the upcoming changes on the planet and most importantly protect you from panic and fear which are so characteristic of the people who witness everything unfamiliar and unusual.

Ashtar shiron who loves you sincerely,

Channeled by Marta

Attempt to enslave the human population and take control of all human resources now ongoing.

Methode by making us all totally dependent on our government and institutions for food and other goods needed to biological survive.

To do so they the powers that be have, and using the Digital ID with chips. Already build and now being implemented. The introduction of a so-called universal income and on condition of accepting/implementing that control system.The socalled mark of the beast and without it you cannot buy nor sell nor avail of services.

It they have been coldly calculated and planned for a very long time, this world is manipulated from the Shadows by a global web of secret societies. Interacting with one another with a common leadership and a common goal that goal is the complete subjugation and 24/7 control of the entire global population on planet earth.

the Hunger Game Society a global control system that operates within a pyramidal structure at the top you’ve got the inner circle of the cult some call it the 1% at the bottom you have basically the rest of humanity under control through being made dependent to survive upon that inner circle running the governments and institutions. In many way’s like during the introduction/take over of the commies in Europe and millions of millions where isolated and left to die due to starvation. This time it will be worse and involve all essential resources including water, medication, rules, regulations and by law.

Now what kind of future world are they headed for if we stay on this path this is really the time that we need to to put aside all the fear and anxiety of what will happen if we do not do as we’re told.
to create a situation where people are in a state of dependency for survival upon a tiny few
people uh running the countries and governments your number one necessity and Foundation is to destroy the independent livelihoods of the population.

It’s time to put aside religious differences racial differences sexuality differences they’re all Illusions anyway and and come together as one human family in mutual support.


DAVID ICKE CRIES “It Will Be Mandatory Next Year” 2025???!!!
The total control and humanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQDLmB-TdAs

As Within within dependencies
13.7K subscribers
Using dependency for survival

48,657 views 13 Jun 2024
DAVID ICKE CRIES “It Will Be Mandatory Next Year” 2025???!!!


um I’m now seeing some journalists saying that what is going on makes no sense but it actually makes perfect sense.

If you’ve been tracking those behind this uh for the last 30 years as I have they are clearly not acting alone and what is happening is that we are seeing the very structure being implemented before.

Our eyes um the reason is that it’s not random none of these events are random um they have been coldly calculated and planned for a very long time. This world is manipulated from the Shadows by a global web of secret
societies interacting with one another and a common leadership and a common goal. That goal is the complete subjugation and 24/7 control of the entire global population.

This web cult as I call it operates like uh a trans transnational Corporation it has a headquarters which in its case is in the shadows and it has subsidiaries in every country operating within their sphere of influence each country’s subsidiaries job is to impose on their Nation the centrally dictated Global agenda for total human control.

So you have the inner circle of the cult at the top of the pyramid then you have the military and police state imposing the will of the 1% the cult upon the rest of the Human family all over the world this imposition of the tiny few over the vast many is meant to be imposed control um via dependency by making the Human family dependent for survival on the cult controlled governments to achieve that dependency you have to destroy the independent Liv hoods and independent employment of the human population so they become dependent on those governments for

The reason for this is to create what I call the Hunger Game Society a global control system that operates within a pyramidal structure at the top you’ve got the inner circle of the cult some call it the 1% at the
bottom you have basically the rest of humanity under control through being made dependent to survive upon that
inner circle running the governments.

If you are going to create a situation where people are in a state of dependency for survival upon a tiny few
people uh running the countries and governments your number one necessity and Foundation is to destroy the independent livelihoods of the population through independ dependent businesses and employment as long as that independent source of income exists.

The few are not going to be able to control the many by making them dependent so what do we do about this you you can try to find a solution to the problem which usually leads to more problems uh or we can remove the cause of the problem.

Now the cause is Humanity’s acquiescence with its own enslavement Humanity’s lack of backbone to just stand up and say no we will not have it fascists you will not impose fascism on us there are not enough of them for fascism to be imposed if the population does not acquest to it people ask what we should do how about choosing what we will not do we will no longer acquest to Fascism that takes courage backbone and unquenchable determination which the Human family needs now more than ever before until our refusal is a tidal wave there is nothing more important than looking this threat in the eye and saying no we will not have it some may say but what about the
children okay so what kind of world are they going to live in what kind of world do they live in.

Now what kind of future world are they headed for if we stay on this path this is really the time that we
need to to put aside all the fear and anxiety of what will happen if we do not do as we’re told.

The real question is what will happen if we do continue to do as we’re told we are going to end up in a global
fascist State beyond anything or well envisaged and we’re standing at that precipice now.

Now much longer are people going to ignore the tornado bearing down on us and keep their heads in the sand hoping the tornado won’t get them well the tornado is coming and our heads are still in the sand if we lift them and uh and and face it we we might be able to take evasive action.

But one thing is for sure if we don’t the tornado is going to have us spinning in the sky no matter how hard we try to hide from it this is the pivotal point in human history where we stand we have the ability still to turn this around.

By refusing to cooperate with it the choices we make now will decide the future of human society as far as the eye can see and the the mind can imagine we are here to stop the nightmare from happening the door is closing so fast and when it does it’s going to be seriously difficult to turn things around.

But there is a way that we can turn this around it’s going to take Total Focus a backbone of Steel and a refusal under any circumstances to cooperate in any way shape or form without our own enslavement.

It’s time to put aside religious differences racial differences sexuality differences they’re all Illusions anyway and and come together as one human family in mutual support.

We must all mass refuse to acquest not only with our own enslavement but with the even greater tyrannical imposition being planned for our children and grandchildren there is nothing more important that we can contribute to our children’s future than to head off the nightmare that is coming their way let us put aside all the fake fault lines that divide us and come together in unified Focus and determination by refusing to cooperate with government impositions that make those enslavement impositions impossible.

There are nearly 8 billion people in this world you couldn’t get them all in a single room that alone shows that we in our Collective power can bring an end to this but only if we refuse to be divided and ruled down these fault lines of ludicrous irrelevant childish Division and instead come together in mutual support to focus on stopping what is being planned and is now unfolding by the day.

To destroy what’s left of human freedom.

Gone are the day’s that our government and institution where there and created to protect our freedom and free will. To to make sure that there was enough to eat properly, quality health care for everybody, freedom and safety and security for everyone. No discrimination nor censorship and say by all




Reptilian humanoid and planet Earth

Wikipedia • Reptilian humanoids, or anthropomorphic reptiles, are fictional creatures that appear in folklore, fiction, and conspiracy theories.

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Greetings my dear beloved children,

today I would like to talk to you about the current situation on Earth nowadays your planet is witnessing the most vigorous energy confrontation that is reaching its final stage as you already know the struggle of the light and the dark Forces does not cease even for a minute at the subtle level of Earth as well as at the physical one yet there is some kind of cyclicity that is determined by many factors both terrestrial and

extraterrestrial ones.

Among the Extraterrestrial factors the condition of celestial bodies can be rated such as parade of planets lunar and solar eclipses full moon and Atmospheric phenomena outside Earth such as for example solar flares all these phenomena in this or that way make influence on your planet’s condition and her inhabitants since they trouble the usual course of the things and throw off the balance the overall energy space of your galaxy.

Yet even greater influence is made on the condition of Earth and all her inhabitants by the inner energy factors with social shocks political and economic crisis Wars and revolutions being among them the things that are taking place on earth now can be called General energy collapse because both the dark Forces at the subtle level and their representatives embodied as humans are trying to maintain power on your planet making use now of all methods illegal from the point of view of the laws of the universe and Universal ones.

Calling things by their right names dragon-like reptiles who seized your planet have a feeling the end is night and have made up their mind to indulge in the end in humiliating people making them admit they are slaves. Obedient, speechless, intimidated they are raving in their power and omnipotence.

Watching almost how the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population dutifully follow any rule of their rules.
Thereby having obliterated their individuality and deprived themselves of the opportunity to breathe in.

While as for those who are trying to confront this absurdity they are forced to do it. With enormous fines being imposed for Disobedience thus they are enjoying the results of the efforts they have been making for centuries to control human conscience. Pressing the buttons they made themselves and right now these dark Forces are raging on Earth as ever. Being aware of the fact they have nothing left to lose they are trying to bring to completion their devilish plan on total robotization of humanity and are earnestly promoting and pushing General injection and chipping of population for this purpose all over the world.

There were involved huge armies of clones and low cast reptiloids who are programmed for their life fear and passionate desire to get injected through thick and thin it it is them who lead by example.
Queuing for injection and disapproving of those who reject follow rules and criticize artificially boosted by injections thus making use of the Forbidden methods and relying on the heart feeling of people that has been cultivated on Earth for centuries. They are doing their best to suppress the protests of the pure human Souls who have revealed the actual goals of a few non-humans exercising control over the modern world.

This is the reason my dear why it is so hard for you to turn the tide and win over.
The dark touching the life fear cord of people but at present you are being supported by the energies so powerful with their vibrations being so high that no Clones reptiloids or similar to them low vibration livings embodied as humans will be able to withstand them. Their time is going never to return and the Victory of the light forces on Earth is coming very soon.

Now therefore I ask you please do not get discouraged whatever hopeless the situation around you may seem, remember that it is the death Agony of the dark Forces and you can promote their collapse working in terms of energy which we have discussed a lot of times as often as possible.
Pass through yourself the energy of Ascension enture it in your environment thereby helping the light forces both on Earth and in heaven to speed up your common Victory.
So in continuation of my message now we will speak about the way you can create the most comfortable Energy background for you for the whole period of transition.

To start with I would like to say that a detailed instruction for transition cannot be supplied for there
are no two people alike each of you is heading for Ascension in their own way and some of you do this in a jolly and careless manner While others take pains overcoming numerous obstacles that are as a rule created by a person themselves.
That is why I will give you just general recommendations you have to follow in a creative way adapting them to your individual peculiarities to begin with.

It is quite possible to pull the Fifth Dimension space. You get get into in a mindful manner most often during practices and meditations to this third dimension world.

After your meditation is over in this you can be assisted by the civilization of tetragonia in a manner
that cannot be overestimated. First of all make it a habit to leave for The Fifth Dimension space for all night.

To do this you should first purify your energy space from all alien energies that could penetrate into it during the day by means of the flame of universe love and then fill it with the energy of Ascension.

Then ask your heavenly patrons and the civilization of tetragonia to help you move to The Fifth Dimension space.

Try to feel the state of being in this High vibration space before you fall asleep this will be quite a
reliable protection now since in this case no astral beings will be able to be attracted to you in terms of vibrations and consequently you will spend the night in The Fifth Dimension space.

Indeed finally as soon as you awake ask the civilization of tetragonia to maintain a corridor between the two dimensions for you so that you could easily move back and forth.
Of course not everybody will immediately succeed in this besides your request can be met by the representatives of this civilization only if your vibrations are high enough.

Yet if you manage to perceive this time space condition new to you at least once you will be able to
mindfully initiate it now and sustain it as long as possible but it is essential my dear to feel at ease in both the imensions trying to be in the moment of here and now all the time.

This condition of timelessness will be your additional insurance on the unstable bridge between the
dimensions thanks to it you will feel comfortable both here and there which will enable you to float freely in the energy ocean. Traveling from one quiet harbor to another one passing turbulences and storms.
Now we will speak about the way you can learn to keep your conscience and body within the Fifth Dimension space. Not only at night but during the day too if after you awake you manage to maintain the state of Harmony peace and quiet unite was full of.

You can ask the civilization of tetragonia to prolong your being in this state for all day if the re representatives of this civilization see that your vibration level enables them to comply with your
request. They will readily respond to it and then you will see you are surrounded by the invisible energy Shields that protect you from the third dimension world. Besides these shields are movable. Indeed they are constantly changing their architecture depending on the energies they contact and it is explained by the fact that the high vibration energies they consist of possess their own conscience. They act in consistence with the current situation not violating your free will and at the same time cushion the blow if you find yourself in the energy source of tension owing to the force of circumstances. This is how it happens in practice if your environment is calm and its vibration profile is quite balanced partition. Shields disappear while you yourself become an island of light. People are attracted to so you generously share the energy of Ascension with them while if near you there arises energy disbalance. The civilization of tetragonia immediately reacts to it putting up their Shields or air bags to be exact around you and they prevent the penetration of any low vibration energies emitted by other people.

Meantime your own pure energies will freely be able to emanate outside through this protection since they remain high vibration ones and consequently rarified to the utmost. Therefore my dear at the starting point of your life in two Dimensions simultaneously you will be supplied with additional protection for the side of the civilization of tetragonia.

That exists in the world parallel to yours and it will lay the foundation of people’s cooperation with human friendly civilizations which is one of Earth Ascension components.
Moreover communication with these wonderful friend L creatures will enrich you not only in terms of energy but will also help you develop your telepathic abilities.

You will feel they read your thoughts easily and simply and step by step you will learn to understand their language and will perceive their feedback of course.

It will not happen all of a sudden but if you show patience and which is more important love and gratitude towards these creatures in the course of time your relations will advance to the level of a full-fledged cooperation based on unconditional love and respect to each other.

I bless you for this,

Loving you endlessly father absolute spoke to you.

channeled by Marta



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