The Tesla World?

The Tesla world, a hidden genius!

  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tesla-0-rebirth-by-Alexander-Putney.jpg Although Tesla attained world-renown fame in his day for his electrical inventions, both unprecedented and prolific, his name has been withheld from all text books. Typically, the Smithsonian Museum refused to recognize him, with its display of Edison’s bust, surrounded by Tesla’s discoveries This institution has been bombarded with protests to correct this injustice and has even been offered a bust of Tesla. Thus again we have another example of corruption by funding – in this case by Edison Company. Outrageously, the Smithsonian publications, The Smithsonian Book of Inventions, and The Beginning of the Electrical Age.

This institution has been bombarded with protests to correct this injustice and has even been offered a bust of Tesla. Thus again we have another example of corruption by funding – in this case by Edison Company. Outrageously, the Smithsonian publications, The Smithsonian Book of Inventions, and The Beginning of the Electrical Age. The standard.

by N. Huntley, Ph.D. September, 2007

from BeyondDuality Website

  Tesla, candidly but non-egotistically, wrote,

‘It seems I have always been ahead of my time. I had to wait nineteen years before Niagara was harnessed by my system, and fifteen years before the basic inventions for wireless, which I gave to the world in 1893, were applied universally. I announced the cosmic ray and my theory of radio activity in 1896. One of my most important discoveries – terrestrial resonance – which is the foundation of wireless power transmission and which I announced in 1899, is not understood even today. Nearly two years after I had flashed an electric current around the globe, Edison, Steinmetz, Marconi, and others declared that it would not be possible to transmit even signals by wireless across the Atlantic.’

This was stated around 1930-40 but wireless power transmission (radio) is also apparently not understood even today, or at least not taught correctly. James Smithsonian, a wealthy scientist, bequeathed his estate to the U.S. government for the furtherance of knowledge, not for this kind of disgrace exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution. If Tesla’s inventions were removed from the world, life as we know it would come to a standstill. He is clearly responsible for much of modern life. An even further miscarriage of justice was perpetrated in acknowledging Marconi as the chief inventor of radio, until the U.S. Supreme Court settled the dispute between Marconi and Tesla in favor of Tesla as being the true inventor (this essentially refers to his 4-tuned circuit system). Nikola Tesla was born in Yugoslavia in 1856 and died in 1943. He suffered frequent illness as a child and often experienced vivid flashes of light accompanied by images. At a given word his mind would automatically visualize a thing in complete detail. In adulthood one of his extraordinary abilities was to be able to construct new inventions in his mind, and test them mentally. He had no need for blueprints and had photographic memory. He spoke seven languages. He suffered from hypersensitive hearing and at one time in his life it was so extreme that he was bedridden and apparently close to dying. He was a recognized eccentric and clearly exhibited extreme phobias, such as:

  • excessive cleanliness of restaurant cutlery and dishes
  • obsessively estimating the cubic capacity of any empty bowls, plates
  • an aversion to hair, women’s ear rings (he even apparently once requested a friend to give a hint to world banker Morgan’s daughter to refrain from wearing ear rings during his meetings with her)
  • for a time he had an obsession for the number 3; for instance, he insisted on having a hotel-room number divisible by 3

Tesla became a vegetarian; considered plant food as superior and that animal slaughter was cruel. He ate two light meals a day and walked eight to ten miles. He stated he slept for about two hours a night. At one of his Birthday celebrations, in which he gave a banquet for reporters and scientists, a reporter commented that while the guests ate a sumptuous repast provided by Tesla, all Tesla had was a couple of oranges and a liter of milk. Later in life, Tesla found pigeons a comforting diversion and never failed to feed them daily. If he were unable he would pay someone to do it. He would let the pigeons enter through his hotel window, which was probably tolerated by the management for the privilege of having such an esteemed guest who attracted many customers, particularly in the dining and restaurant areas. After Tesla’s death in 1943 a well-known psychiatrist gave a classic evaluation of Tesla’s eccentric and obsessional behavior, noting particularly his difficult childhood and that his mother fixation related to his doting on a particularly favorite pigeon. We should add that a much more complimentary and spiritual account has been given by the Unarius Educational Foundation, San Diego, via channelings, in particular as to the symbolic nature of the dove – not as an aberration of the past but of an effect in his present time – the pigeon giving a link to higher aspects of consciousness and spiritual realms. In 1884 Tesla emigrated to the U.S. In these early days of his career he was hired by Edison. As a result of Tesla’s electrical knowledge and extraordinary capabilities Edison offered him $50,000 to redesign his inefficient motors and generators. A year later, having fulfilled this task, Tesla discovered the nature of ‘American humor’, as Edison put it, when the latter did not fulfill his promise. He eventually entered into a profitable relationship with George Westinghouse who gave Tesla financial backing. He continued with this relationship until Morgan’s business manipulations brought Westinghouse under his control, and was not prepared to honor Tesla’s AC distribution royalty. Tesla, however, tore up the contract to release Westinghouse, who was then close to bankruptcy, from this legal obligation. This royalty could have made Tesla into a billionaire. Probably the most valuable of Tesla’s accomplishments to society generally would be his alternating current electricity distribution, in other words, our common AC mains. Edison’s direct current system for the distribution of electricity was far too limited.  Nevertheless he engaged in a continuous campaign against Tesla’s far superior alternating current system, which involved paying children to bring in dogs or cats for electrocution in public to demonstrate how dangerous Tesla’s system was – this repeated spectacle included calves, one horse and an elephant! It has been stated that the introduction of the electric chair was an off-shoot of this propaganda to discredit Tesla’s system.  In fact the first victim to be executed this way did not die, due to insufficient voltage, previously used on smaller animals, presenting a gruesome sight for the observers until the power was upgraded to end the poor wretch’s suffering. Tesla was a prolific inventor and unjustifiably referred to in later life as a dreamer by his competitors and enemies as he was in fact extremely practical.  He had some 700 patents/inventions to his credit. He was responsible for the feasibility of the Niagara Falls power station, and the practical uses today of his AC electric motor are indisputable and indispensable. He was finally credited by court ruling that he was the principal inventor of radio – he invented the vacuum tube amplifier and the 4-tuned circuit for radio.  He developed the parallel-disc mechanism for bladeless turbines of great efficiency, and demonstrated one at 16,000 rpm with an output of 200 hp at 150 kw. This principle was also applicable to a pump design of great durability (but not used). This same system was made available for the motorcar combustion engine (but not used); in addition, he designed non-moving (fluidic) valve inlets and outlets – consequently free of any wear – and a speedometer and auto ignition system. He could create earthquakes, which he in fact did from his laboratory using a small mechanical variable-frequency oscillator that he attached to a pillar of the building. The police, wise to the notoriety of Tesla experiments, promptly located the centre of the earthquake as Tesla’s laboratory and arrived just as he smashed the device with a hammer. A similar vibrator was attached to a foot-board which Tesla regularly stood on for ‘tuning up’ his health. His friend Mark Twain tried it and finding it invigorating, refused to step off, in spite of Tesla’s advice, and he shortly found himself rushing to the bathroom. Tesla developed a similar machine for inducing sleep. Tesla was amongst the early researchers into X-Rays; he invented the fluorescent bulb, neon light, arc lamps for street lighting and also the Tesla-coil: a high-frequency transformer. To his credit we can add the basis of radar, electron-microscope, microwave ovens and the wave-guide principle for microwave transmission.

  • He developed the medical device for diathermy, utilizing a high-frequency current for therapeutic deep heating uses that produced highly beneficial results, eagerly sought by the medical profession.
  • He provided the inspiration for the modern electric clock; evaluated refrigeration; developed robotics and remote control radio for guided missiles.
  • He designed a solar engine, used AND gate logic, a precursor for computers; oil insulation for high voltage, and stranded wiring to reduce current resistance (electrons travel in surface layers of wires).
  • He had proposals for extracting electricity from sea water, and detailed designs for a geothermal steam plant.
  • He created lightning over 100 ft long, and using high-frequency currents he could light electric lamps at three miles, with no wires.
  • He invented an improved lightning conductor and pointed out the limitations and inadequacy of existing ones. The modern light bulb was Tesla’s invention; Edison’s ‘incandescent lamp’ lasted only a few hours.
  • He transmitted scalar waves mainly through the Earth, and Hertz waves between ground and the Heaviside layer, and found the resonant frequency of Earth, known today as the Schumann resonance.
  • In producing artificial lightning he amazingly could create ball-lightning, which he demonstrated with ease in his laboratory, even though (natural) ball-lighting is a mystery today.

The invaluable top-secret underwater Roger wireless communication was based on the same (earlier) discoveries as Tesla’s. And he was probably the first to discover stationary waves. Amongst further discoveries and designs for new inventions he identified cosmic rays and had theories of particles, which included fractional charges of the electron – now called quarks. Tesla also had a patent for a ‘flying machine’.   A small craft with adjustable propeller for horizontal to vertical motion. He anticipated the charged particle beam – now developed by America and Russia – and in fact referred to a particle beam, or death ray, which projected or fired particles from a gun, of enormous energy and power, sufficient to end all wars. He failed to interest U.S. and European governments and couldn’t obtain funding.  Subsequent to this he experimented with ‘beam weapons’, a death-ray and disintegrator. He demonstrated through models how to sink ships, even a fleet in one attack, but the military were skeptical. He claimed he could develop a thought photography machine. Tesla’s greatest project (funded initially) was his magnifying transmitter. This was built on Long Island, away from the populace. It was essentially a resonant transformer which excited the Earth with very efficient transmission of energy and no diminution (Tesla had already identified Earth as a conductor). We are not talking about Hertz waves; the energy was essentially transmitted through the Earth by means of scalar waves. Any desired amount of energy could potentially be transmitted.   Note that interacting differences of (scalar) potential will create electromagnetic waves, in space, or the ether. Lamps without wires could be lit at considerable distances (potentially any global distance). One of the purposes of the magnifying transmitter was to provide a worldwide broadcasting system, linking the world’s telephone and telegraph services. Also to transmit pictures, music, weather forecasts, and to be a global source of information. During experiments Tesla’s transmitting tower would light up the night sky with huge lightning bolt streamers extending around the massive oscillator atop the 187-foot tower with spherical terminal about 68 ft in diameter. It was ultimately intended to bring free energy to any receiving point on the planet, including aircraft by transmission of high-frequency scalar waves. The editor of Electrical Experimenter in June, 1919, referred to the Magnifying Transmitter as truly ‘a modern lamp of Aladdin’. He appended the following to Tesla’s article My Inventions:

‘…when Tesla built his famous tower on Long Island he was 100 years ahead of his time… the titanic brain of Tesla has hardly produced a more amazing wonder than this magnifying transmitter. Contrary to popular belief his tower was not built to radiate Hertzian waves into the ether. Tesla system sends out thousands of horse power through the Earth – he has shown experimentally how power can be sent without wires…’ Morgan withdrew all funding and the tower was dynamited for scrap.

When investigating high-frequency currents Tesla revealed that an electric field of sufficient intensity could be produced in a room to light up vacuum tubes without electrodes. One could enter his laboratory and witness light bulbs lit without wires. On the ceiling would be a large-diameter circle of wire that provided the power. It was thus possible to provide wireless electricity to the home, using a small generator in a cupboard or basement. The resulting energy gave a less harsh and more healthy light. Tesla demonstrated transmission of energy without wires as early as 1891. Tesla referred to the Hertz theory of radio as a scientific aberration, and it still apparently is. He discovered a new wave which oscillated longitudinally, as does a sound wave, not transversely as with the Hertz electromagnetic wave. It was variable in velocity and he measured it at significantly greater velocities than that of light – invalidating relativity before it was ‘established’, and not adding to his popularity. Today, such a wave is known as a scalar wave, it is an oscillating potential as opposed to the electromagnetic wave with its oscillating alternating electric and magnetic vectors. Further, Tesla was also aware of the fantastic applications of this scalar wave – very much hushed up today – from depositing any amount of energy to any point on Earth for destruction, or free energy for home, industry, and transportation uses, ranging to such fantastic possibilities of placing an impenetrable domed shield of scalar-electromagnetic energy around, say, a city to protect it from any attack. He worked out the details and endeavored to obtain government funding. These scalar-electromagnetics put nuclear weapons into a conventional class. Soviet Premier Kruschev, around the 1960s stated they could ‘bury’ America, and in the seventies Breznev sought a treaty amongst nations prohibiting the use of these terrible weapons. But no one apparently knew what he was talking about, being then ignorant in this field. Imagine a spark created by bringing together or shorting out two electrodes such as the terminals of a car battery. The explosive spark is electromagnetic radiation of heat and light. Now imagine projecting, by means of scalar beams, two differing (like positive and negative) potentials and bringing them together on target. Thus scalar potentials can produce huge bursts of electromagnetic energy, such as a fire ball. However, Tesla’s aim was to make war impracticable. Note that the essence and application of scalar-electromagnetics today is not recognized within orthodox science except by the secret government‘s military and scientific branches. Tesla talked in earnest about creating a ‘giant eye’ which could see into any secret place on Earth – clearly he wasn’t referring to television. He received honorary doctorates, many awards and high honors, and great recognition throughout the world. Contrast this with the discrepancy of the average person’s education and awareness of this history. Tesla died in his sleep in 1943 leaving an enormous quantity of research notes, which were copied by the government and classified as top secret.  Tesla’s relatives in Yugoslavia endeavored to retrieve the papers but were only partially successful – the bulk of his papers vanished in America. References

Tesla, Nikola. A Machine to End War, as told by G. S. Viereck in Part I: Solutions to Tesla’s Secrets and the Soviet Tesla Weapons by T. Bearden and Part II: Reference Articles for solutions to Tesla’s Secrets by John T. Ratzlaff. Secor, H. W. Tesla Maps Out Electrical Future. Science and Invention, Vol. XVII, No.12 April, 1930. Tesla, Nikola. My Inventions, V. The Magnifying Transmitter. Electrical Experimenter, June, 1919. Tesla, Nikola. World system of Wireless Transmission of Energy. Telegraph and Telephone Age, October 16, 1927. Cheney, M. Tesla – Man Out of Time. Barnes & Noble: New York, 1981. O’Neill, John J. Prodigal Genius. David McKay Co.: New York, 1944. Lagus, G. W. The Use of Ground in High-Frequency Circuits. Radio-TV Experimenter and Science and Electronics, June/July, 1969. Swezey, K. Nikola Tesla. Science. May 16, 1948. Bearden, T. The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Free Energy; and Dr. Rolf Schaffranke: Proof of Free Energy Devices and Supporting Date. Tesla Book Co.: Millbrae, CA. Bearden, T. Part I: Solutions to Tesla’s Secrets and the Soviet Tesla Weapons. Part II: Reference Articles for solutions to Tesla’s Secrets. John T. Ratzlaff. Bearden, T. Toward a New Electromagnetics, Part III: Clarifying the Vector Concept. Nikola Tesla. Wikipedia, the free Internet encyclopaedia.


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