The Hans Coler device, free energy from space.

Fact: What our scientists did call nothing in the past is everything on the cosmological scale and now proven. The fields present consists of an infinite number of one-dimensional North and South poles in an incoherent state-incoherent due to the presence of a multitude of other interfering fields formed by other North and South poles, or particles or quanta. Thus the virtual vacuum is far from empty, far from nothing, it is rather seething with potential energy as the primordial powerhouse of everything in our physical the universe.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ufo-navy-2.jpg
The basis or fundament of the universe.
It is the home of all the invisible fields, rippling with the activity and real force. So again, every kind of matter produces a field, the field all mesh in complex ways, often causing interference with other fields.
Fields are the “stuff” of the virtual vacuum. When everything that can be removed from a vacuum has been removed, the Higgs field remains.
Basically, other than from interaction with matter of other fields a field will not be changed in the vacuum.
It will not go away; it simply cannot. Fields are a fundamental part of the vacuum structure itself and our environment or the physical world/enery based.

Please remember: 
The field consists of an infinite number of one-dimensional North and South poles in an incoherent state-incoherent due to the presence of a multitude of other interfering fields formed by other North and South poles, or particles or quanta. Thus, the virtual vacuum is far from empty, far from nothing, it is rather seething with potential energy as the primordial powerhouse of everything in our physical the universe.

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Info: Tesla Coil Wireless Energy and Resonance Demonstration – Bing video

Hans his life story:

History of the Hans Coler over unity device.

It started in 1920 and with two different solid state energy generators. The M machine ( Magnetstromgerate) and the S machine or Stromer Erzeuger which would produce a much higher load.
For the first time demonstrated in Berlin 1920 and able to power five 1000 candle lights at that time and was powered by small Leclanche cells.
Based on the description now also assumed to be the same invention as claimed by Norrby and as such demonstrated too.
During the demonstration in Berlin Unruh claimed that the excess energy came from splitting atoms and was pilloried for it by the scientific community. No one could prove him wrong but still find himself in jail.
Has to do with the failure of the Science community; basically, the physical nature and dimensional of charge is neither understood nor established in existing physics. In part, this is due to the opaque relationship between mass and charge, with the former being attributed to the charge-carrier and the latter often treated as a property distinct or separable from the rest energy of the carrier.
Energy can manifest itself in various dimensionalities as charge in the ESU, EMU, CGS and SI systems, and contrast this with the correct dimensional of charge, and its expression in the meter-second system.

German archives show that Unruh and Coler were working together by 1925 demonstrating there 10-watt machine.
And did manage to get it studies by three professors with a positive recommendation. W. O Schumann, M. Kloss, R.Franke.
1933 Unruh and Coler did build a 70-watt machine and 1937 a 6 kwatt one. It did power his house for 3 years but lost to a direct hit by a bomb during WWII. There were two investors involved and did result in some wrangling after the war.
The earlier tests and demonstrations could not be properly reconstructed later.

Again, this device was demonstrated in Germany to be examined by Prof. Kloss, the now famous Prof. Schumann and by Dr. Frohlich & Coler as independent experts. Not the only ones and a number of other scientists witnessed several demonstrations of the device.

While Coler’s Magnetstromapparat did not give the Kriegsmarine a gravity “free energy” battery for their U-boats, the SS Technical Branch E-IV took the design and turned it into a Converter for the Haunebu series of disc aircraft which was incorporated along with several Van de Graaf band generators and a Marconi Dynamo filled with mercury, all of which enabled the craft to reduce mass and produce power for the electromagnetic-gravity Thule Tachyon Ator 7 Triebwerk.

Now there comes another big surprise, according to whistle blowers from dulce it is used there and other locations to supply the necessary electrical energy. All power at the base is created using an advanced system originally created by German scientists following WW2. Probably an advanced Han’s Coler’s “Free Energy” Generators. The system uses large hexagonal circuits containing magnets and coils to generate energy from what is essentially nothing.

In the devices mentioned ferrite magnets were used and from the insider leakage of information do know that the main aliens present in Dulce have been collection natural magnets known as lodestone.
Nothing known about any special treatment if any prior to use in the energy generating device.
The natural variants are less stabile than the artificial produced once but that could also be an advantage if the assumed origin of energy as mentioned by Unruh would be the source. The energy production does find place after the system starts resonating and the major problem. The natural magnets being lodestone are much easier to due to natural induced oscilalate on earth and necessary to produce. As result of oscillation the internal resistance drops. Reducing the internal resistance to amlmost nill

It is clear from experimentation that certain results appear that are not explainable without the presence of a field. The field consists of an infinite number of one-dimensional North and South poles in an incoherent state- incoherent due to the presence of a multitude of other interfering fields formed by other North and South poles, or particles or quanta. Thus, the virtual vacuum is far from empty, far from nothing, it is rather seething with potential energy as the primordial powerhouse of everything in the universe.

After the war They all reported the device apparently seen working and that they could detect no fraud.
One model is said to have worked for three months locked in a room. One 1946 demonstration, conducted in the presence of British authorities, an electrical charge measured at 450 millivolts was maintained for three hours until a soldered tag disconnected, and the meter slowly dropped back to zero.
Re-securing the broken link failed to restore the tension and charge. The following day, 60 millivolts were obtained, but when further adjustments to the magnets were made, the tension again fell to zero.
During the construction and operation of this project, the model was completely open, and nothing could be hidden in it. The device and meter could be picked up and moved around the room, tilted, or turned, without effect. Also, it became clear the Hans Coler did not have a full/clear understanding of the principles behind it, that must have been Unruh but he did passed away. As explained the selection of the wire for the bifunctional coils and use of right magnets essential. Hans Coleman was offered four hundred pond to build on unit in one year being a duplicate of the previous one used to provide electricity for his home in Germany.
All material he did need was provide for by Norwegian and British authorities after the war.
The deciscion was taken at a later stage to give more time but already to late because Hans did pass before that time.

Energy from space, the solid-state energy device of Hans Coler.
Currently the most popular and used all over the world by the so-called deep State and also pushing the current climate change agenda, this free energy device discovered by Hans Coler in 1925.

Initially his patent application was rejected because going against the at that
time known science and classified as “a perpetual motion machine”. He contacted three at that time already well known and respected researchers in Germany including Dr Schumacher who after the war was taken into the US.

They studied and tested the device and wrote a rapport about it, certified that is was working as claimed, generating electricity from somewhere. The source not known, and the world first documented solid state energy producer from space born. Hans’s passive device which he called the ‘Magnetstromapparat’. The main problem that his unit required very careful and slow adjustment to get it operating but when it started it continued on test in a locked room for three months of continuous operation.
At that time nobody, including Hans, seems any too sure how this device works but did. 

It comprises six bar magnets wound as shown here. Some are wound in a clockwise direction when looking at the North pole and these are called “Right” those wound in an anticlockwise direction are called “Left”:

These six wired magnets are arranged in a hexagon and wired as shown here:

It has now long been known that the source of the magnetism within a permanent magnet is a spinning electric current within ferromagnetic atoms of certain elements, persisting indefinitely in accord with well-defined quantum rules.
This atomic current encircles every atom, thereby causing each atom to emit a magnetic field, as a miniature electromagnet. This atomic current does not exist in magnets alone. It also exists in ordinary metallic iron, and in any element or metallic alloy which can be “magnetized”, that is, any material which exhibits ferromagnetism.

Again: All ferromagnetic atoms and “magnetic metals” contain such quantum atomic electromagnets.
In specific ferromagnetic materials, the orientation axis of each atomic electromagnet is flexible.
The orientation of magnetic flux both internal and external to the material, pivots easily.
Supreme and easy in resonance are these natural occurring magnets found in our soil called lodestar by the Aliens/the Deep State/Globalist.


How exposure to radiations alters the dynamics an any electric circuit.

A conductor expos-ed to these radiations has its resistance reduced and its conductivity increased while dielectrics become partial conductors and their conductivity is not described by Ohm’s Law.

I will briefly interrupt to point to another aspect and difficulty to trigger some of these free energy devices.
Prior and during WW2 coper wire was isolated using a barium coating and barium was used because of it property to lower wire resistance. What most do not realize the barium contains not only many isotopes but also traces of Radium. It is considered safe, but this might be an accelerator part of the devices.

When you take a look at conventional nuclear batteries and see how they convert alpha and beta decay into electricity it becomes clear.
How exposure to these radiations alters the dynamics an any electric circuit. A conductor exposed to these radiations has its resistance reduced and its conductivity increased while
dielectrics become partial conductors and their conductivity is not described by Ohm’s Law.
These characteristics have been known by the scientific 121 community since 1903. In addition to that, in 1916 it was shown that by using a weak solution of radium in conjunction with radio aerials near the antenna or tuning coil greatly increased the receptivity of the radio, even in circumstances were no stations could be received before. Most of these phenomena are explained by looking to the atomic scale to see what happens as a particle is absorbed. For an alpha particle being absorbed in copper, the panicle’s traveling at a high rate of speed and has a large amount of kinetic energy which is transferred too the electrons of the copper by collision.
The alpha produces some 86,000 ions before being absorbed. These ions are then free electrons in the conductor in addition to those normally present. This process is called the Multiplication Factor of the cell.
That is because for every incident beta particle you get say 20,000 electrons. Conventional nuclear batteries are composed of cells of several types. For now, we will concern ourselves with only the basic four.

The commonly known beta cell as first demonstrated by Mosely in 1913, was a beta source sitting on a feed through insulator at the center of an evacuated conductive sphere. As a beta particle leaves the source, it gives the source a net positive charge and as this beta particle is absorbed by the sphere it contributes a negative charge to this electrode. Further charges increase the difference in potential and current may be drawn from this to a load in the usual manner.
An alpha source may be substituted by the principle remains the same. This is the beta or alpha voltaic effect and batteries of this type have been built as large as 2,000 watts that could fit into the palm of your hand. The contact potential difference cell or a class 2 nuclear battery: Simply put, this is a conventional battery composed of a stack of plates composed of materials with different work functions only no electrolyte is used. Instead, we im-merse the plates in a radioactive gas. The life of all nuclear batteries are proportional to the half-life of the source material used. For radium, the half-life is 1,600 years. The advantage of this type of cell over the beta cell, is its multiplication factor.
One high energy beta particle ionizes many gas molecules before it is finally stopped.
Each of these new charged particles is effective in placing a charge on the electrodes.
Cells of this class commonly have multiplication factors of about 200.The third type is the class 3 P-N junction cell. By simply exposing a p-n junction transistor to alpha or beta bombardment, the transistor produces power to drive a load. Cells of this type have multiplication factors in the realm of 200,000 times.

The Moray Device and the Hubbard Coil were Nuclear Batteries according to Paul Brown, Collected Research Mongraphs, Vol. 1 Cadake Industries, 1987.
The natural radioactive decay elements emit three primary forms of radiation: alpha, beta, and gamma.
Alpha particles are helium nuclei or helium ions consisting of 2 protons and 2 neutrons giving them a mass number of 4 and each alpha particle carries two positive charges.
Beta particles on the other hand are high speed electrons meaning that each beta carries a single negative

Gamma rays are photons and consequently there is no need to discuss them here.
An alpha or a beta particle in motion constitutes a current element. Several charged particles in motion are an electric current and is measured in amps. What he trying to tell you is that alpha and beta radiation is a naturally and electrical phenomenon but these radiations have no polarity. Natural radioactivity is emitted in all directions so that you end up with no net current or voltage. The object of a nuclear battery is to provided polarity to these emissions to achieve an electric current. As the particles are absorbed, the velocity goes to zero and the magnetic field collapses, yielding a variation of flux to produce an emf in an induction coils.
Now, the amount of power contained in these particles is phenomenal.
A charged particle in motion carries with it a magnetic field of a magnitude determined by the particles charge and velocity. Energy is stored in this magnetic field and is released as the particle is slowed or absorbed. The opposite principle of accelerating a particle by pumping energy into it. For instance, an alpha particle traveling at 67% the speed of light is absorbed in 6 mils of copper; the energy produced during this absorption is equivalent to 10 watts. Granted, this is 10 watts for only a microsecond, but if you are using a 1 curie alpha source then you are now talking about 37 billion alpha particles per second. Madame Curie is quoted as saying “The complete transformation of a gram of radium into lead, produces about 100,000 times more energy than the combustion of one gram of hydrogen.” And Ernst Rutherford said, “one pound of radium would radiate energy at the rate of 10,000 horsepower.” Hopefully, it is now
obvious to you that the energy content of radium is enormous.

He then start to explain the working of The Moray Device and the Hubbard Coil. He points out that the use of radium is common to both of the devices in our discussion.




Tesla’s first radiant energy receiver

by Bruce A. Perreault
Brooklyn Eagle July 10, 1932 Nikola Tesla states: I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. Cosmic ray investigation is a subject that is very close to me. I was the first to discover these rays and I naturally feel toward them as I would toward my own flesh and blood. I have advanced a theory of the cosmic rays and at every step of my investigations I have found it completely justified. The attractive features of the cosmic rays is their constancy. They shower down on us throughout the whole 24 hours, and if a plant is developed to use their power it will not require devices for storing energy as would be necessary with devices using wind, tide or sunlight. All of my investigations seem to point to the conclusion that they are small particles, each carrying so small a charge that we are justified in calling them neutrons. They move with great velocity, exceeding that of light. More than 25 years ago I began my efforts to harness the cosmic rays and I can now state that I have succeeded in operating a motive device by means of them. I will tell you in the most general way, the cosmic ray ionizes the air, setting free many charges ions and electrons. These charges are captured in a condenser which is made to discharge through the circuit of the motor. I have hopes of building my motor on a large scale, but circumstances have not been favorable to carrying out my plan.


“This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.”

diagram of Tesla's first radiant energy receiverThis is a diagram of Tesla’s first radiant energy receiver. It stored static electricity obtained from the air and converted it to a usable form. Tesla’s invention is a simple version of T.H. Moray’s device. Moray’s device used a unique rectifier (RE-valve) to efficiently capture the static electricity from the surrounding air. Moray’s oscillator tubes (magnetron transducers) utilized this high-voltage energy to generate an internal secondary “cold” fusion reaction.

Stick an antenna up in the air, the higher the better, and wire it to one side of a capacitor, the other going to a good earth ground, and the potential difference will then charge the capacitor. Connect across the capacitor some sort of switching device so that it can be discharged at rhythmic intervals, and you have an oscillating electric output. T.H. Moray simply expanded on Tesla’s idea to use high-voltage to create ionic oscillation.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pyramide_and_electrictry.jpg

Nikola Tesla free energy concept was patented in 1901 as an “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy.” The patent refers to “the sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy, like cosmic rays,” that the device works at night is explained in terms of the night-time availability of cosmic rays. Tesla also refers to the ground as “a vast reservoir of negative electricity.”

Tesla was fascinated by radiant energy and its free energy possibilities. He called the Crooke’s radiometer, a device which has vanes that spin in a vacuum when exposed to radiant energy “a beautiful invention.” He believed that it would become possible to harness energy directly by “connecting to the very wheel-work of nature.” On his 76th birthday at his yearly ritual press conference, Tesla announced a “cosmic-ray motor” when asked if it was more powerful than the Crooke’s radiometer, he answered, “thousands of times more powerful.”

In 1901 Nikola Tesla was one the first to identify “radiant energy.” Tesla says that the source of this energy is our Sun. He concluded that the Sun emits small particles, each carrying so small of a charge, that they move with great velocity, exceeding that of light. Tesla further states that these particles are the neutron particles. Tesla believed that these neutron particles were responsible for all radioactive reactions. Radiant matter is in tune with these neutron particles. Radiant matter is simply a re-transmitter of energy from one state to another.


From the electric Potential that exists between the elevated plate (plus) and the ground (minus), energy builds up in the capacitor, and, after “a suitable time interval,” the accumulated energy will “manifest itself in a powerful discharge” that can do work. The capacitor, says Tesla, should be “of considerable electrostatic capacity,” and its dielectric made of “the best quality mica, for it has to withstand potentials that could rupture a weaker dielectric.”

harvesting free energy with deviceTesla gives various options for the switching device. One is a rotary switch that resembles a Tesla circuit controller, another is an electrostatic device consisting of two very light, membranous conductors suspended in a vacuum. These sense the energy build-up in the capacitor, one charging positive, the other negative, and, at a certain charge level, are attracted, touch, and thus fire the capacitor. Tesla also mentions another switching device consisting of a minute air gap or weak dielectric film that breaks down suddenly when a certain potential is reached.

Tesla received two patents for this radiant energy device; U.S. Patent No. 685,957 – Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy and U.S. Patent No. 685,958 – Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy. Both these patents were filed on March 21, 1901 and granted on November 5, 1901. In these patents he explains:

“The sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy throw off minute particles of matter positively electrified, which, impinging upon the upper plate, communicate continuously an electrical charge to the same. The opposite terminal of the condenser being connected to ground, which may be considered as a vast reservoir of negative electricity, a feeble current flows continuously into the condenser and inasmuch as the particles are …charged to a very high potential, this charging of the condenser may continue, as I have actually observed, almost indefinitely, even to the point of rupturing the dielectric.”



Tesla’s intent was to condense the energy trapped between the earth and its upper atmosphere and to transform it into an electric current. He pictured the sun as an immense ball of electricity, positively charged with a potential of some 200 billion volts. The earth, on the other hand, is charged with negative electricity. The tremendous electrical force between these two bodies constituted, at least in part, what he called cosmic energy. It varied from night to day and from season to season but it is always present.

The positive particles are stopped at the ionosphere and between it and the negative charges in the ground, a distance of 60 miles, there is a large difference of voltage – something on the order of 360,000 volts. With the gases of the atmosphere acting as an insulator between these two opposite stores of electrical charges, the region between the ground and the edge of space traps a great deal of energy. Despite the large size of the planet, it is electrically like a capacitor which keeps positive and negative charges apart by using the air as a non-conducting material as an insulator.

The earth has a charge of 96,500 coulombs. With a potential of 360,000 volts, the earth constitutes a capacitor of .25 farads (farads = coulombs/volts). If the formula for calculating the energy stored in a capacitor (E =1/2CV2) is applied to the earth, it turns out that the ambient medium contains 1.6 x 1011 joules or 4.5 megawatt-hours of electrical energy. In order to utilize this high-voltage energy you must do two things — make an energy sink and then devise a way of making the “sink” oscillate.


Such a “sink” has to be at a lower energy state than the surrounding medium and, for the energy to continually flow into it, the energy must be continually pumped out of it. Additionally, this “sink” must maintain a lower energy state while meeting the power requirements of the load attached to it. Electrical energy, watt-seconds, is a product of volts x amps x seconds. Because the period of oscillation does not change, either voltage or current has to be the variable in this system’s energy equation. Bifilar wound coils are used in the system because a bifilar wound coil maximizes the voltage difference between its turns, the current is then minimized.

A coil in our system, then, will be set into oscillation at its resonant frequency by an external power source. During the “zero-point” portion of its cycle the coil will appear as one plate of a capacitor. As the voltage across the coil increases, the amount of charge it can siphon will increase. The energy that is taken into the coil through the small energy window (zero-point), call it what you will, appears to be the key to the success of this system. It is at this zero-point where energy is condensed into positive and negative components of current. When energy escapes from the “sink” the magnetic field collapses and a strong magnetic quake is created in it’s wake. A properly tuned system can capture and convert radiant energy in such a prescribed arrangement.


The radiant energy system is a self-oscillating capacitive system. Once it is set into oscillation, very little power is expended in keeping it going. Because it is an electrostatic oscillating system, only a small amount of charge moves through the system per cycle, that is, the coulomb per seconds = amps are low. If the charge is used at a low rate, the energy stored in the system will be turned into heat at a slow rate enabling the oscillations to continue for a long period of time.

Tesla’s “COIL FOR ELECTROMAGNETS,” patent #512,340 is a very special coil design because, unlike an ordinary coil made by turning wire on a tube form, this one uses two wires laid next to each other on a form but with the end of the first one connected to the beginning of the second one. In this patent Tesla explains that the double coil will store many times the energy of a conventional coil.[1] Measurements of two coils of the same size and with the same number of turns, one with a single, the other with a bifilar winding, show differences in voltage gain. These bifilar Tesla’s coils can be explained solely on the basis of their electrical activity. A bifilar coil is capable of holding more charge than a single wound coil. When operated at resonance, the distributed capacitance of the bifilar coil is able to overcome the counter – electromotive force (e.m.f.) normal to coils, inductive reactance.

Because of the electrical activity, a bifilar coil does not work against itself in the form of a counter – EMF, the potential across the coil quickly builds to a high value. The difference between the turns becomes great enough that the energy is practically all potential, at this point, the system becomes an electrostatic oscillator.

Minimal work is done in my radiant energy system due to the absence of wasted displacement currents. As small heat losses occur, oscillations are maintained by surplus charge generated by atomic catalytic reactions, energy is siphoned from the kinetic moments of these charges. Very low energy expenditure allows power delivery to an electrical load over an extended time period without an external fuel supply. After an initial input of energy from an outside source, the radiant energy electrical generator will operate as a very efficient device.

By reviewing history, it is understandable why some inventions are not commercialized. It is economics, not science, that is the main factor. It will be remembered that alternating current was opposed by powerful financiers in Tesla’s time.

Michael Pupin, noted in his autobiography:

“…captains of industry…who were afraid that they would have to scrap some of their direct current apparatus and the plants for manufacturing it, if the alternating current system received any support. A most un-American attitude…but ignorance and false notions prevailed in the early nineties, because the captains of electrical industries paid small attention to highly trained scientists.”[2]


Inventor announces discovery to displace fuel in driving machinery. Calls Sun main source. A principle by which power for driving machinery of the world may be developed from the cosmic energy which operates the universe, has been discovered by Nikola Tesla, noted physicist and inventor of scientific devices, he announced today. This principle, which taps a source of power described as “everywhere present in unlimited quantities” and which may be transmitted by wire or wireless from central plants to any part of the globe, will eliminate the need of coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels, he said. Dr. Tesla in a statement today at his hotel indicated the time was not far distant when the principle would be ready for practical commercial development. Asked whether the sudden introduction of his principle would upset the present economic system, Dr. Tesla replied, “It is badly upset already.” He added that now as never before was the time ripe for the development of new resources. While in its present form, the theory calls for the development of energy in central plants requiring vast machinery. Dr. Tesla said he might be able to work out a plan for its use by individuals. The central source of cosmic energy for the earth is the Sun, Dr. Tesla said, but “night will not interrupt the flow of new power supply.”

Nikola Tesla Portrait circa 1890Clearly Tesla is not talking about an atomic reactor. He is directly converting ionized particles generated by radiant matter. It is not nuclear energy as we know it today. Tesla Radiant Energy is directly converted to electrical power! Tesla believed that the Sun generates highly charged particles and that radiant matter is a re-transmitter of energy, it is this transfer of energy that could be used for practical purposes.


[1] Nikola Tesla, U.S. Patent #512,340, “COIL FOR ELECTROMAGNETS,” he explains that a standard coil of 1000 turns with a potential of 100 volts across it will have a difference of .1 volt between turns. A similar bifilar coil will have a potential of 50 volts between turns. In that the stored energy is a function of the square of the voltages the energy in the bifilar will be 502/.12 = 2500/.01 = 250,000 times greater than the standard coil.

[2] Michael Pupin, From Immigrant to Inventor, Charles Scribner’s Sons, N.Y., pages 285-286, 1923.



If you doubt it, look around — there are token companies that ’really’ utilize magnetic power, but are depending on electric based or ceramic magnets, NOT lodestar [magnetic oxide of iron] based magnets.
Such materials are referred to as magnetically “soft”, due to this magnetic flexibility and key in developing/use of similar energy generating devices.

When the magnetic fields within a generator are caused to move and interact by means other than applied mechanical force, electric power can be supplied without the necessity of consuming limited natural resources, thus with far greater economy, being flexible.

There were very advanced civilizations living on planet earth right now and no one of them using or in
need of coal, oil or gas.
The physical universe or our world as we known it is energy based, everything is energy manifesting however in many shapes and forms.

As result of the big and huge deluge the surface of the earth washed and cleaned. These highly civilized cultures gone.
By making sure we do not have access to these operational free energy devices/resources. That most of these suppressed, neglected and misunderstood FREE energy principles have all been cleaner, cheaper and most importantly, in most cases have had the capacity to decentralize the energy grid and produce a self-contained home power system but also interplanetary travel.

This invention relates to a method and device for generating electrical power using solid state means.

From Whistle-blowers once active in Dulce, New Mexico an underground bio experimental location and Aliens/humans work side by side. 

What is going on: By simply passing a wire over the north or south pole of any magnet, an electric current is generated within that wire and the basis of our current electricity generation. 

Now, whether we like it or not, there is new information that forces us to throw this entire model of “flux cutting” and relative motion between conductor and magnet out the window, or at least subject it to dramatic changes.

For MIT’s own Dr. Bruce DePalma has reminded us that electric current can be generated with the conductor and the magnet moving at exactly the same speed – thus eliminating any possibility that the flux lines could be “cut.” For if the magnet is moving, the flux lines should automatically be moving along with it in conventional theory.

This bizarre and interesting means of generating electric current was actually discovered by famous pioneer physicist Michael Faraday on Dec. 26, 1831, but until DePalma came along, no one ever paid any attention to it.

So again, we are doing the impossible – rotating a one-piece magnetized conducting disc and drawing energy out of it. Now this is where the real problem for scientists comes up: time after time, DePalma was able to show that these “homopolar” or one-piece rotating generators were actually superior in performance to the typical two-piece stator and rotor design that we discussed above. In fact, these generators were more than superior; they appeared to be impossible, as they created more electrical energy output than it took to spin them.

It is from this simple and yet incredible principle that DePalma created his own “free energy” device, known as the N-Machine.

Important: Two additional discoveries will help to prove the point even more – namely that the energy in the magnet is not being generated by the magnet itself, but from an outside force that is flowing through the magnet.


The first discovery that we will mention to prove that outside aetheric force is flowing through a magnet is that known as the “Aspden effect,” from Cambridge University’s Dr. Harold Aspden. It was presented in the Institute for New Energy’s New Energy News, vol. 2, no. 10, Feb. 1995.

Yes, it’s really true! You may want to read that sentence again, as its importance can be missed if you are just skimming through – almost anyone can see that this totally violates all known laws of physics. To be more exact, the amount of heat energy that it takes to get the magnetic rotor spinning is measured in joules, and normally in this experiment it would take 1000 joules to get the rotor to spin. However, if you stop its motion and then start it again within less than 60 seconds, it will only take 100 joules to achieve the same effect! In other words, it is ten times easier to spin the magnet once it has already been spinning.

The energy within the magnet itself will continue “spinning” inside even when the magnet is not moving. 

If we compared a magnet to a glass, then it becomes easier to see. A glass, of course, is a container that can hold a given amount of liquid inside of it. If we see the magnet as a container for a non-physical aetheric “fluid,” it becomes very simple. If you were to stir up a glass of water and then remove the stirring rod, it will naturally take less energy to stir up the water in the glass again if you wait less than a minute before trying. This is similar to the idea of a “siphon.” If you suck water through a hose and place the bottom of the hose at a lower level than where the water is that you are siphoning from, then the water will continue to empty out of the hose until the entire supply runs out. This is explained by the fact that there is much greater atmospheric pressure, in pounds per square inch, pressing on the surface of the water, as opposed to the much smaller amount of pressure that is on the water that emerges from the end of the hose.

In the case of Donald Roth’s experiment, if magnetism is a “flow” in the aether, it appears that once you “get it going” through a local area of space, it can continue at the same force with the magnet itself being much farther away from the point of action. It is as if a temporary aetheric current is set up in the space-time fabric itself – certainly not a “typical” property of magnetism by anyone’s definition.
Getting the flowing started the main and explain why these devices work.( getting them started). When moving it will continue almost indefinite. And right away, when we start looking at these new concepts of magnetism, we should be thinking in our minds of various ways in which these yet-unknown properties could be harnessed for technological purposes and not stop or blocked.

Even though the glass itself wouldn’t have moved, the water would still be spinning inside as it remained still. So from this experiment, we can see that it certainly appears that the energy in a magnet itself is in a form of direct fluid motion, which is quite different from how we are normally accustomed to visualizing it.

This should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that we have not yet uncovered the true mysteries of the electromagnetic field. Just as the blood flows.

In a piece of magnetized material, the majority of the molecules are oriented in the same north-south direction.

Providing that you have the right type of metal, you will achieve a magnetic force when this north-south molecular alignment is in place.

There is also the existence of positive an negative energy and making it more complex but will not discuss it here.
These assumptions have allowed us to study the atomic level and interpret our data, but they are by no means proven facts, as we shall see.

In this conventional thought process, each metal has a certain number of electrons in its outer shells, and some of these electrons will only “want” to spin in one direction.
In other metals such as iron, the outside electrons can spin in many different directions, and the flowing presence of a magnetic field can organize them so that they all spin together. At this point, each atom becomes a miniature magnet in its own right.

Now think about this in terms of Aether flow. If each atom of each molecule is formed by a whirlpool in the Aether, then there has to be a direction for the whirlpool to be spinning. Most of the compounds on Earth are non-magnetic, non-conducting “dielectric” materials, meaning that they do not conduct electricity easily and their molecules are not all aligned in the same direction. In this case, as they are continually created by the Aether, the fluid-like energy will stream into them from all different directions equally; or to put it in more technical terms, the streaming Aether flow is isotropic, meaning “the same in all directions.”

In the case of a magnetic material, it appears that the Aether flow is anisotropic, meaning that it is not the same in all directions; instead, the flow has a specific orientation.

And thus: The rotating magnetic force of a magnet is nothing more than the aether flow itself as it creates the magnet moment by moment.

Since the molecules of the magnet are all aligned in a certain direction and are good “conductors,” Aether will only flow through it in a certain direction, like water flowing through a pipe.

The north-south orientation of the “electron orbits” in the molecules of the magnet cause it to draw almost all of the Aether that forms it in from the north pole and back out through the south pole, creating a loop.
The magnet is not created like any other object in our physical reality – instead, there is a definite direction to the energy that streams through it. And it is this directional flow of aetheric energy that creates what we term as magnetism.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Hans-Coler-frre-energy-device.jpg

Back to our German naval captain Hans Coler who also invented an over-unity generator. He called this device The Stromerzeuger.

The basic Stromerzeuger element is that of an open secondary circuit, capacity loaded, inductively coupled to a primary circuit. The apparatus principally consists of two parallel connected spools which being bi-filarly wound in a special way, are magnetically linked together. One of these spools is composed of copper sheets (the spool is called the ‘plate spool’). The other one is made of a number of thin parallel connected isolated wires (called ‘spool winding’), running parallel to the plates, at small intervals.
Both spools can be fed by separate batteries (6 Volt, 6.5 A Hr were used). At least two batteries are needed to get the apparatus operating, but subsequently, one battery can be removed. The spools are
arranged in two halves each by the bi-filar windings. The plate spool also contains iron rods with silver wire connections. These rods are magnetized by a special battery through exciter windings.

Electrically, the exciter winding is completely isolated from the other windings.
Hans said that the production of energy takes place principally in these iron rods and the winding of the spools plays an essential part in the process. It should be mentioned that the spool circuit is powered up first. Initially, it took a current of 104 mA. The plates and exciter circuits are then switched on simultaneously. When this is done, the current in the spool circuit dropped from 104 mA to about 27 mA. It is suggested that an electron be not only regarded as a negatively charged particle but also as a South magnetic pole.

The novel feature is that the capacities are connected to the secondary core through permanent magnets. It is claimed that on switching on the primary circuit, “separation of charges” takes place with M1 becoming positively charged and M2 becoming negatively charged and that these charges are “magnetically polarized” when they formed, owing to the presence of the magnets.
When the primary circuit is switched off, a “reversing current” flows in the secondary but the magnets “do not exert a polarizing effect on this reversal”. Two of the basic elements shown above are placed together making a double stage arrangement with the copper plates close together (presumably as capacitor plates): The secondary windings are both exactly equal and wound in a direction such that, on switching the primary coil on, the electrons in the secondary coil flow from P1 to P2 and from F1 to F2.
This is the basic working arrangement. More of these double stages can be added to provide higher outputs.

Selection and producing magnets.
The best soft magnets can be found in the earth itself and known as lode stone, lode star.
However, a permanent magnet has two separate energy streams coming from it. The main field is the magnetic field which is very well known. It normally flows out in every direction, but in the MEG, a very good conducting path is provided by the frame of the device. This traps the magnetic energy flow and channels it around inside the frame. This prevents it masking the second energy field which is the Electrical energy field.

With the magnetic field moved out of the way, it is now possible to tap this energy field for additional power output. The MEG looks like a very simple device, but in actual fact, it is not.

The magnetic flux from a permanent magnet consists of two components. One component is rotary, and it spreads out in every direction. The second component is linear, and it gets swamped and hidden by the rotary field.
If a toroidal yoke wound with an input winding over its whole length is used, then that trap all of the rotating magnetic field inside the toroid.

The snag is that this requires considerable input power to energize the toroidal winding.

This is a major boost to the functioning of the device. Now, with the rotational magnetic field trapped inside the toroid, the liner field becomes accessible, and it is a very useful field indeed. It is electrical in nature.
In actual fact, magnetism and electricity are not two separate things, but instead, they are different aspects of the same thing, so both should really be referred to as “electromagnetism”.

Anyway, the linear field is easy to access once the rotational field has been removed. All that is necessary is to pulse it sharply. When that is done, real electricity is introduced into the MEG from the surrounding environment.
The sharper the waveform, the greater the additional electrical input becomes. This is what makes the MEG have a COP of say, 5.4 which is a practical working output. If the output is then manipulated to provide the input power needed for the pulsing, the COP effectively becomes infinite as you do not have to provide any power to make it work and you have a substantial power output. The power output divided by the power input you have to provide to make the device operate, gives the COP rating, so any output divided by zero input, always gives infinity.

The magnets may be formed of any polarized magnetic material. In order of descending effectiveness, the most desirable permanent magnet materials are Neodymium-Iron-Boron (“NIB”), Samarium Cobalt, AlNiCo alloy, or “ceramic” Strontium-Barium or Lead-Ferrite. A primary factor determining permanent magnet material composition is the magnetic flux strength of the particular material type. In an embodiment of the invention, these magnets may also be substituted with one or more electromagnets producing the required magnetic flux.

The Phi-Transformer. Toroidal shapes are clearly important in many devices which pull in additional energy from the environment, even to the extent that Bob Boyce warns against the high-frequency sequential pulsing of coils wound on a toroid yoke, producing a rotating magnetic field as unpredictable surge events can generate some 10,000 amps of additional current which will burn out the circuit components and can very well trigger a radiant energy build up which can create a lightning strike.

Magnetic core.

This core is a critical component of the generator. The core determines the output power capacity, the optimum magnet type, the electrical impedance and the operating frequency range. The core may be any shape, composed of any ferromagnetic material, formed by any process (sintering, casting, adhesive bonding, tape-winding, etc.). A wide range of shapes, materials and processes is known in the art of making magnetic cores. Effective common materials include amorphous metal alloys (such as sold under the “Metglas” trademark by Metglas Inc., Conway, S.C.), nanocrystalline alloys, manganese and zinc
ferrites as well as ferrites of any suitable element including any combination of magnetically “hard” and “soft” ferrites, powdered metals and ferromagnetic alloys, laminations of cobalt and/or iron and silicon-iron “electrical steel”.

This invention successfully utilizes any ferromagnetic material, while functioning as claimed. In an embodiment of the invention, and for the purpose of illustration, a circular “toroid” core is illustrated. In an embodiment of the invention, the composition may be bonded iron powder, commonly available from many manufacturers.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with physics, it may be surprising to realize that magnetism and electricity, which certainly seem to be used as two separate forces in our technology, are always
traveling together in this fixed 90-degree relationship where magnetism is dynamic, and electricity is static.
We know that you cannot have electricity without magnetism and vice versa, and that the two fields will always exist in this very precise geometric arrangement.

The scientific term that was chosen to describe something that does not move is static, so the electric field was called an electrostatic field.
This diagram allows us to clearly see the observed interplay between the two forces. As we look at the picture, we can see that the two fields are in a constant 90-degree relationship to each other.

This is called an “orthogonal” relationship, and it will become very important when we start looking at the theories surrounding the idea of higher “dimensions” of space. Since the electromagnetic wave forms the basis of our Universe, all theorists who study the concepts of higher dimensions believe that each higher dimension must somehow be located at another 90-degree turn away from the three main axes of length, width and height that we now see! If this sounds confusing or impossible to you, then you’re on the right track! No matter where you turn a corner and rotate 90 degrees, you’re still going to end up in what we would call “three-space.”

This puzzling conclusion of the existence of “higher dimensions” has come from the “crystal ball” of mathematics. Certain equations demonstrate that there must somehow be a way for energy to have “more room” to travel through than what we see in our own “three-space.” However, this doesn’t make it any easier to visualize. Mathematics can often be used to propose solutions to problems without giving us a solid visual model to work with.

When we start looking at Rod Johnson’s model, we will see that there is a very good reason for the shape of this waveform; it ultimately reveals a hidden geometry inside of itself, and this geometry was independently discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century and again by Buckminster Fuller, who announced it to the world at his Planet Planning address in 1969. Johnson was unfamiliar with these earlier discoveries when he independently determined that the same geometric form was being described by the electromagnetic wave.

Let us not forget how important this wave really is; it is the primary means through which the energy of the universe is expressed. Another important and puzzling aspect of the behaviour of this waveform is that the two components do not at all move in the same fashion. Michael Faraday was the first to determine that magnetic fields were continually rotating – and in scientific terms this means that magnetism is a dynamic field.
However, he also discovered that: The electric fields do not move at all; they require the dynamic movement of the magnetic wave to propel themselves forward.
The scientific term that was chosen to describe something that does not move is static, so the electric field was called an electrostatic field.

This can be visualized in a very simple way. If you think about an object that floats on the surface of the ocean, it is only the movement of the wind and water that would cause it to move forward – and the behavior of the electric field is very similar. If you only looked at the electric part of this waveform by itself, there would be no directional movement within it. If you ask an engineer why the magnetic field is dynamic and the electric field is static, you will probably get “That’s just the way it is” as your answer. And yet, this is of very obvious importance, as the electromagnetic waveform is the primary means by which energy travels in our universe.
Know that we are dealing with something much more interesting than what we have been led to believe. This is an active, living energy force in its own right; the primary means by which this Universal Being is continually forming itself. That point cannot be underestimated. Einstein and many others firmly believed that when the Unified Field was discovered, it would prove that all the Universe was composed of electromagnetic fields, not “particles.”

The next important terms that we need to cover are “force” and “energy.” We have already stated that magnetism was given the term “dynamic” because it is consistently moving, and electricity was given the term “static” because it is motionless. Since magnetism was observed to rotate and move in set directions, there needed to be a name for that behaviour – and it was called a force. The word “dynamic” is a descriptive word, whereas “force” is an active word, like when discussing the force that you would need to push a heavy object.

Therefore, magnetism is a dynamic force, meaning that it is a field that is in motion.

Now in the case of the electric field, Faraday discovered that it was essentially motionless, as we pointed out in our example of a piece of flotsam floating on the surface of the ocean. However, that doesn’t mean that the field has no energy. What we do have is a field that radiates energy away from itself. So, if we use our analogy of an object floating on the surface of the ocean again, we could see that as it travelled, it will radiate heat energy from the Sun.

If you put your hand near the object, you could feel the radiant, static energy from it, but it would still need the dynamic force of the wind and water to move it along. This is how electricity is able to power our machines. So, whereas force was an active word that meant that the field moved in a given direction, the word “energy” was chosen as the word to represent something that radiates while remaining motionless. Therefore, Faraday named the electric field “electrostatic energy.”

The current will always flow from negative to positive, causing the opposite poles to attract each other, and the atoms in the metal will simply adopt this same polarity when they are subjected to the magnetic field.

If we determine that the Aspden effect and other findings of magnetism are truly showing us that the Aether behaves like a fluid, then we also know that the fluid can and must be able to vibrate, by definition.
Therefore, we can expect that we should see all of the trademarks of vibration – light, sound and geometry –throughout our Universe, from the quantum to Galactic level.

When we consider all of these points together, magnetism becomes a “whole new ball game,” as one might like to say. The implications are quite profound, as it proves that it is indeed very possible for us to harness a limitless supply of this fundamentally conscious “free energy” and never have to worry about scarcity or pollution again. The only thing that stands in the way at this point are the “powers that be” who are all too ready to squash anyone who tries to build, patent and mass-produce devices of this type.

Looking in hindsight what is always easy, and the explanations as provided here are harmful acts on behave of governments and commercial actors. It contradicts their actions and behavior as being in to protect and advance humanity but self-centered interest.  Nothing of what is happening is by accident, nothing looks like it seems and everything as such is connected.
The earth belongs to their inhabitants not a small group in power nor the elite.

Worse, at the same time the secrete users of the free energy of space being the Deep State/cabal and the Davos group lineated with push for alternative green energy/under their control. That fossil fuel now still under their control will start to fade.
Because science is knowledge, and knowledge is power, those who desire power tend to have research divisions heavily involved in secret science – the more they know, the farther up the causality chain they can act, and thus the more effects they can control and do. links:

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